About The Writer

As a current student in Argosy University’s Information Technology program with focusing on a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Network Security, I tend to know a thing or two about electronics. They have always come easy to me, and I have high hope that through networking at Phi Beta Lambda events and local gatherings I can increase my own standing in the technology industry. I have a vast reservoir of skills including newly acquitted HTML5, writing skills(which I hope to improve through this blogging experience for future small jobs), problem solving and technical finesse, and various leadership qualities.

I am an avid gamer, and usually play on a Xbox console, though I’ve started to drift more towards the PC gaming scene as of late (Go Steam sales!).  As apart from being a new freelance writer, I am also a freelance artist and am locally know for designing unique and detailed tattoos and other pieces. I primarily work in archival and Indian inks and markers.

I am always looking for new experiences, as I have the urge to learn and absorb knowledge. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Google+!


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